Toyota Hyryder 2024: Full package of mileage and power, Fortuner’s younger brother equipped with high-tech features

Toyota Hyryder 2024

Adventure seekers, hold on! Are you among those who aspire to climb mountains, enjoy rough train routes through forests, and cross rivers where dust is thrown into the air? If so, I have some excellent news to share with you! The opulent 2024 4×4 Highrider SUV from Toyota is now available, ready to satisfy off-roading enthusiasts’ desires.

Toyota Hyryder 2024 4×4 On-Road Price

Toyota Hyryder
Toyota Hyryder

You may be thinking right now, brother, that its price must be through the roof. Although the price seems a little high, the car’s features make it seem reasonable. So let’s get started and see just how expensive this Toyota Hyrider 2024 4×4 will be for you:

  • Base Price: Rs 11.14 lakh is the starting price! This cost is for the base model, which comes with a 1.5-liter mildly hybridized gasoline engine.
  • Hybrid Model: Take a look at the hybrid model if you prefer to move slowly but with strength. Its price ranges from ₹13.71 lakh to ₹15.59 lakh, and it offers incredible mileage as well!
  • Leading Model: So, assuming you wish for the best in every situation. Next, invest Rs. 20.19 lakh on the best model. Along with many other incredible features, it will have a sunroof and leather seats!

This is all related to the car’s price; let’s review it:

Toyota Hyryder 2024 4×4 Specification

Toyota Hyryder
Toyota Hyryder
  • Powerful performance: The 1.5-liter K15C petrol engine, which generates 137Nm of torque and 103bhp of power, powers the Hyrider 2024 4×4. An automatic transmission and this engine combination offer a responsive and seamless driving experience. Its all-wheel-drive system, however, which provides you the ability to drive confidently on any road, is where the real fun is.
  • Outstanding off-road ability: This SUV can travel over rough terrain with ease thanks to its 216mm of ground clearance. In addition, the automatic versions of this vehicle come equipped with features that further simplify off-roading, such as traction control, hill hold control, and downhill assist control.
  • Comfortable and Stylish Interior: The Hyrider 2024 4×4 has a very roomy and cozy interior. Your travel is made even more enjoyable by features like the touchscreen infotainment system, leather upholstery, and sunroof. It also features several storage sections that give you room to conveniently store all of your possessions.
  • Amazing Look: The Hayrider 4×4 will catch your eye right away. Anyone can be drawn in by its brash and athletic style. Its aggressiveness is reflected at the front by gloss-black grille and sleek LED headlamps. It also has a rugged appearance thanks to the contrast-colored front skid plate and honeycomb air dam. Its dual-tone alloy wheels and black roof further enhance its upscale appearance!
  • FIT TO GO OFF ROAD: The Hayrider 4×4 is prepared to tackle any terrain thanks to its 4×4 drive system and high ground clearance. This SUV is prepared to take on any challenge, whether it be sandy roads or hilly terrain.
  • The most powerful road: Now you can stop worrying about getting stuck somewhere! With its All-Wheel Drive System (AWD), the Hyder will help you navigate any challenging road. This vehicle will navigate any terrain with ease, including sand dunes, wet areas, and hilly roads. Go for a stroll, and you’ll see that your dream of seeing the mountains has come true!
  • Basement of Features: Hyrider is renowned for its incredible features in addition to its power and performance. Some of the features that will improve your driving experience are the panoramic sunroof, wireless charging, head-up display, 360-degree camera, and 9-inch touchscreen system. Your family’s safety will also be fully taken care of by safety features like the tire pressure monitoring system, hill-hold assist, and six airbags.

Toyota Hyryder 2024 engine

  • Hybrid Hero: Let’s start by discussing the hybrid variant. Its 1.5-liter gasoline engine and electric motor combination produce 114 horsepower and 122 Nm of torque. What makes this car unique, though, is that it can operate entirely on electricity—that is, without using any gasoline! This translates to a powerful top speed and fantastic mileage of up to 27.97 km/l, both of which are economical.
  • Power of Neo Drive: Neo Drive is for you if you think the concept of a hybrid vehicle is a little too much. Its 1.5-liter K-series mild hybrid engine produces 136 Nm of torque and 102 horsepower. With Suzuki’s ISG technology installed in this engine, the car starts up quickly when it stops and uses less fuel. In terms of mileage, it provides about 20 km/l, which is truly remarkable.
  • Support for CNG: Opt out of petrol-electric? Fear not—Hayrider has provided you with the option of CNG as well. It has a 1.5-liter CNG engine that produces 136 Nm of torque and 101 horsepower. Those who wish to travel more often but on a lower budget should choose this option. CNG has an incredible mileage of up to 26 km/l!

Toyota Hyryder 2024 Rivals

  • Hyundai Creta
  • Maruti Grand Vitara
  • Kia Seltos
  • Honda Elevate
  • Skoda Kushaq

What is the delay, then? The Toyota Hyrider 2024 4×4 is a great choice if you enjoy off-roading and are searching for an SUV that can fit your needs regardless of where you live. So go to the Toyota dealership that’s closest to you and give this amazing vehicle a test drive!

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