Tata Punch EV with luxury, cool looks and a strong range of 421 km, take home this car for just Rs 10.99 lakh!

Tata Punch EV: When you see an electric car, you might think it’s a luxury item for the wealthy, but times are changing! The Tata Punch EV is an electric SUV with excellent features and a reasonable interest rate. Thus, if you had assumed that owning an electric vehicle would always remain a dream, this article will make you reconsider!

Guys, the Panchvi from Tata has finally made it into the showrooms. Additionally, the cost of this car has been made public. The price range for this vehicle is ₹ 12,53,000 to ₹ 17,00,000. It comes with two different battery pack options.

The car can travel 312 kilometers on the first option, 25 kilowatt hours. The car can travel 405 kilometers with the second option, which uses 35 kilowatt hours.

You get smart and you get adventure here, as you will see in its variants. You will also have two options for the adventure. This location offers M Powered as well as a M Powered Plus. A 25 kWh battery pack and a 105 HP electric motor are features of the smart variant.

A 35 kWh battery pack and a 143 HP electric motor are features of the Adventure variant. A 35 kWh battery pack and a 150 HP electric motor are features of the Adventure M Power Plus model.

Tata Puch EV Drive Range

Tata Punch EV
Tata Punch EV

You can purchase M Powered, M Powered Plus, and Adventure with medium and long range. However, the smart version of this car will only have a medium range available. Its drive ranges are 315 kilometers for its medium range and 421 kilometers for its long range.

With fast charging, this car can be charged in 56 minutes, while regular charging takes 135 hours. This car has an eight-year or 1,60,000-kilometer warranty inside, and because of its IP67 rating, which makes it waterproof and dust-proof, it also has an internal motor.

Tata Punch EV Specification

Tata Punch EV
Tata Punch EV

I’ll go into great detail about the features in this car and how they contribute to comfort in today’s piece. I think this car looks really good, brother. This vehicle does not have a radiator gill up front, nor does it extend inside. Additionally, there is a projector in the car’s headlight that emits a white throw of light. This is where the connecting DRLs all come in.

The only camera inside the vehicle is the front camera; there are no parking sensors on the front. Inside the vehicle is a 360-degree camera as well. Additionally, the vehicles’ ORVMs are identical; the same ones that apply to the Harrier and Safari can be found here.

Additionally, cameras are located beneath both ORVMs. The vehicle’s request sensor is also used to lock and unlock it. There isn’t a chrome line or anything like that underneath the butt window.

Door & Tyres of Tata Punch EV

The car’s doors only open to a 90-degree angle from the inside, just like a typical gasoline car. And Tata’s no, you notice that every car has a very strong feeling of heaviness inside the doors. The car comes with alloy wheels with diamond cuts inside.

Apollo’s tires, which are located in the car’s tire section, are 195/60 R16 inches. Additionally, you receive all of the car’s disc brakes.

Other Features of Tata Punch EV 

The car looks normal from the back profile as well, just like a gasoline-powered vehicle. Parking sensors are located at the back. Of course, you guys will also receive the camera.

The wiper, high moon stop lamp, defogger, and wiper are located at the back. Additionally, the car’s tail light is the only one that is LED-equipped. Additionally, a magnetic switch located inside the vehicle is used to open the tail gate.

You will receive a box similar to this for your home, just as there is a fast charger inside this car. You will need to pay more for this.

There is 366 liters of boot space available inside the vehicle. There is also a boot lamp with a halogen bulb. However, there is no spare wheel inside the car. The spare wheel can be purchased as an accessory. In addition, you get a partial tray in the back. This car’s color and appearance are truly stunning.


Tata Punch EV
Tata Punch EV

Let’s talk about seats first. It will win hearts because of the adorable combination of airy fabric and semi-leather. Comfort for all, tall and tall, is ensured with height-adjustable seats. The ventilated seats are unique—in the summer, they’ll feel refreshingly cool! Six airbags for safety are included, as well as an adjustable headrest in the front row.

Upon first glance at the two-spoke flat bottom steering wheel, you can tell that driving will be enjoyable. It has a sizable 10.25-inch touchscreen display, music and cruise control, and other features. Additionally, there is navigation; however, Google Maps is not functional.

Additionally, there is an auto wiper, making driving in the rain more comfortable. Even in direct sunlight, the display’s sharpness is astounding, with no glare. The car is currently in PDIM mode, so I can’t show you the rear camera, but trust me when I say that the quality will be incredible!

Let us go a bit further now. A 12-volt socket, a USB C-type socket, wireless charging, and single-zone auto climate control are also included. With eco mode and sports mode included, the gear selector’s design is truly remarkable.

The electric parking brake makes stopping the car now simpler. Entry and exit will be swift because the doors open ninety degrees. Your enjoyment of music will double thanks to the speakers’ superb quality.

The driver’s seat has been adjusted to accommodate 6 feet. Let’s now focus on the backseat. It feels like magic, brother, the way you open the back doors!

There will be good legroom even though the front may appear slightly smaller after the seat has been adjusted. The battery is located below the floor, so there won’t be a shortage of under-thigh sport even though the back lacks air vents.

A middle armrest is also present; conversing while sitting in the back will be enjoyable. The color scheme and light-up feel of the interior are so excellent that this minor flaw won’t matter even if there are some touches from above after raising the headrest.

Tata Puch EV Engine

First of all, put an end to the headache of gas stations and growing fuel costs. Since the Tata Punch EV is entirely electric, its only energy requirement while driving is electricity! There are two battery options: a 25 kWh battery that can travel about 315 km, and a 35 kWh battery that can travel over 421 km!

The smaller one is sufficient for city trips; if you want more range, get the 35 kWh model. Yes, it can be charged from 10% to 80% in just 56 minutes with a DC fast charger, so even on lengthy trips, there won’t be any stress!

This car has a bat pack inside and has 190 am of ground clearance. The battery is positioned at the bottom of the car, so you won’t have any issues here. The car has a medium range battery. The PE will generate 114 AM of torque and 80 BHP.

I’ve already told you about the range of the long range battery pack that comes with the PE; it can generate 120 HP and 190 AM of torque.

Tata Puch EV Rivals

  • Citroen eC
  • KIA Sonet
  • Mahindra Bolero Neo

If you’re looking to purchase a small car, this one will work well for you, in my opinion, as the price is also very appealing and the range is excellent. RTO is completely free for you in Delhi if you purchase there.

RTO is due here if you purchase this vehicle from Gurgaon, Haryana. That concludes today’s article, guys. Visit our Automobile section if you have a passion for automobiles.

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