Ola S1 X Electric: Best Battery at a Cheap Price

Ola S1 X Electric

Ola S1 X Electric: Ola Electric is a new electric scooter startup company that has quickly established itself in the Indian market. Its segment includes a large number of electric scooters. In which the S1 X scooter from its segment has been updated. A larger battery pack has been added, increasing its range even further.

Best Price

Ola S1 X Electric
Ola S1 X Electric

After this major update, the price of Ola Electric S1 This scooter has been launched with a new 4kWh battery pack. As a result, it will now have greater range.

Better Battery Pack

Ola Electric 4kWh claims to have a riding range of 190 kilometers. This scooter can reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. Additionally, it takes 6:30 hours to charge this new battery pack. After receiving the new battery pack, this new electric scooter became 4 kg heavier, similar to the S1 Air.

Warranty Support

Ola Electric offers this scooter to its customers with an 8-year battery warranty or 80,000 kilometers. This warranty applies to all variants of the Ola S1. In addition, Ola Electric offers customers the option of extending their warranty. If you pay Rs 5,000 more, the warranty will be extended to 1,25,000 km.

Advance Booking

Ola S1 X Electric
Ola S1 X Electric

The company will begin booking for the Ola Electric S1 X Kilo Watt Battery Pack model very soon. However, delivery will likely begin in April.

Suspensions And Brakes

The suspension and braking systems of the Ola Electric S1 Drum brakes have been installed on both wheels to help with braking.

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